Company Information

Established in Singapore in 1953, Gold Coin is a pioneer in animal nutrition and the manufacturing of scientifically balanced animal feed within Asia.

Gold Coin is today one of the largest privately owned agribusinesses in the Region, employing over 2900 people throughout 21 production facilities, across 9 countries. Click here to view Gold Coin location.

With a milling capacity of approximately 2.6 million tonnes per year, Gold Coin offers a wide range of products for both the Livestock and the Aqua industries, including young animals and hatchery feed, premixes, concentrates and compound feed.

    Mill in Jurong, Singapore – 1964

Gold coins have always symbolized good fortune, lasting value and superior quality. The gold coin analogy has been a guiding force for our Company over the years as we have perfected our recipes and built a strong brand name and reputation as the market leader of premium quality feed.