Research Facilities

Quality, safety and traceability of our products are of the utmost importance. Our production facilities are ISO 22000/HACCPcertified.

Gold Coin also provides nutritional solutions and onsite technical support to customers to optimize farm production and performance. Our field service team provides practical advice on key aspects of farm management, including feed management and disease control.

Our research and development efforts are supported by five research farms located in Malaysia, Indonesia & China, covering both Livestock and Aqua products. Our commitment to research & development will ensure future nutritional and product development is aligned with the latest developments in farm environment, farm management and genetics.

Poultry Research Facilities

Gold Coin has two poultry research farms to conduct feeding trials.


The farm in Sedanak, West Malaysia started its activities in 1999.
There are two layer houses, with can housed 1,300 laying hens per house, and three broiler houses with intake of 1,700 chicks per house. Two of the houses have cooling systems while the others are open sided houses. Trials are conducted to evaluate new ingredients and feed additives, and develop new feed products and feeding programs.


The farm in Cileungsi, Indonesia started its activities in 2003 and has two open sided broiler houses for intake of 2,700 chicks per house and a layer house for 1,600 laying hens. Trials conducted are similar in nature to those conducted in Malaysia, but the feed products tested and developed are for the requirements of the local market.

Swine Research Facilities

Gold Coin conducts collaborative swine research activities with customers in Guang Dong for the development of new feed products and feeding programs.

Fish Research Farm Facility

Gold Coin Fish Research Facility is located at 25th Miles Tapah in Kuching, East Malaysia. An indoor research facility was established on the K&L Layer Farm in 2011 to conduct practical research that will evaluate and/or improve the performance of Gold Coin fish feed. The facility includes 2 separate Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) with a variety of tank sizes, from a large storage tank to arrays of 225, 500 and 1,000 liter tanks. The building includes storage for field equipment used for feeding and water quality testing and the office space.


GCB Laboratory was established in 1996 at Larkin, Johor Bahru and relocated to Pulau Indah, Port Klang in 2012.

GCB Laboratory was originally set up to serve as a Quality Control laboratory for the in-coming raw materials and finished products of related companies , GCB and GCSSB.

laboratory, now also conducts analytical ring tests for other Gold Coin Livestock and Specialities mills, and assists in the development of new analytical methods and product developments. The GCB laboratory has also extended its services to external customers.


Feed Microscopy
Microscopic screening – evaluates the quality of feed ingredient by identifying the ingredient and foreign materials present.
Proximate Analyses
Proximate Analysis – For Feed & Feedingstuff: Crude Protein, Moisture, Ash ,Crude Fat, Total Fat , Total phosphorus , Available phosphorus , Calcium, Pepsin Indigestible Protein, Protein Solubility, Protein Dispersibility index , NaCl , Starch , Urease Activity , Total Xanthophyll and Wet Gluten.

For Fat & Oil : Acid Value , Beta -carotene , DOBI (Deterioration of Bleachability Index) FFA and Peroxide Value.

Microbiology – Total Plate count , Coliform count, E.Coli Count, Yeast & mould , Salmonella detection and Vibrio Parahaemolyticus.

ELISA – Aflatoxin , DON , Zearalenone, Fumonisin , Ochratoxin , T2 Toxin and Melamine.

Thin Layer Chromatography – Aflatoxin Bi,B2,G1 & G2 assays.

Near -Infrared Analyser – offers rapid and accurate analysis in feeds and feed ingredients.