Why Join Us?

In the last 60 years, Gold Coin has evolved into what can be seen today as one of the most successful feed milling operations in Asia. Confronted with keen competition and a constantly shifting business environment, Gold Coin’s continued success will largely depend upon its ability to adapt and anticipate changes in the industry and marketplace dynamics.

Therefore, it is important that we continue to channel our efforts toward the achievement of our goal of being “the most efficient producer of quality feed in Asia”. Growth will also remain at the center of our business strategy and there is no doubt that organizational development will be a key driver for successful expansion.Our people is our biggest asset and we have great interest to provide and support our employees’ growth to excel in their chosen career.

If you are seeking for dynamic working experience, we have great opportunity waiting for you.

  • Regional Experience

    We offer our people to involve in regional assignments in our different entities

  • Talent Development Opportunities

    We deliver a range of exciting initiatives to drive our talent development both locally and regionally.

  • Multicultural Organization

    We appreciate our diversity by employing people from different background, nationalities and work toward a common vision within the organization.

If you desire to become part of our Gold Coin Group team, please visit our Career Opportunities site or email your CV/ resume to recruit@goldcoin-group.com.