For Growth and Brain Development

Special attention is ncessary during the early stages of a baby bird’s brain development. During this period, from hatching up to 65 days of age, developmental milestones can be achieved particularly vision, hearing, motor skills, social and emotional develpment, memorization and replicating sounds.

FORTE Baby Bird Feed is scientifically designed to fcus on a baby singing bird’s brain growth and development for optimal growth, vitality and intelligence. Ensure a well-nourished and flourishin baby singing bird with FORTE Baby Bird Feeds.

Protein Kasar (Crude Protein) Min 25.00%
Lemak Kasar (Crude Fat) Min 5.00%
Serat Kasar (Crude Fiber) Max 5.00%
Kadar Air (Moisture) Max 12.00%
Fosfor (Phospohorus) Min 0.60%
Kalsium (Calcium) 0.80 – 2.00%
Abu (Ash) Max 9.00%

Feeding Instructions:
1. Put a sufficient FORTE BABY BIRD and place it in a small jar
2. Use warm drinking water, maximum 70-degrees Celsius to soak the feed. Close the jar to keep it hygienic
3. After the feed has fully expanded, approximately five minutes, take the feed using blunt tweezers. It is better if the feed is drained first to reduce the soaking water before it is given to the baby birds
4. For baby birds who are learning to eat, the soaked feed can be placed in the feeder tray
5. For leftover soaked feed, it can be stored in a closed jar for a maximum of four hours. It is advisable to to always provide new feed
6. Make sure the jars and tweezers are washed thoroughly before use