For Optimum Fertility and Hatchability

Stimulating the reproductive performance of singing bird pairs is strongly influenced by nutritional fators and having a comfortable breeding environment. FORTE Breeder Feeds is scientifically designed to provide all the utritional requirement of each male and female singing bird in captivity.

Use FORTE Bird Feed to achieve maximum nutrition for your future Champion.

Crude Protein Min 15.00%
Crude Fat Min 5.00%
Crude Fiber Max 5.00%
Moisture Max 12.00%
Phospohorus Min 0.60%
Calcium 3.0 – 3.50%
Ash Max 9.00%

Feeding Instructions:
1. Ensure that the feeder tray is always clean and dry to prevent fungal and bacterial contamination
2. Feed sufficiently two to three times a day
3. FORTE Breeder has enough phosphorus and calcium, there is no need to provide additional sources of calcium such as cuttlefish bones, shells, etc.