Vidalix Swine and Poultry

Creating a safe and sound farm environment, naturally.

A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT is a prerequisite for better animal performance. As a good farm management practice, farm managers should aim to reduce moisture in the farm, which help prevent elements that can hinder growth such as ammonia emissions, bacterial pressure and diseases or infections, and animal stress.

How to keep your farm safe and sound for animals?

VIDALIX Swine and Poultry are drying agents aimed at creating a healthy environment for animals in a natural way in order to improve their performance and well-being.

With a mixture of mineral and vegetal adsorbents and aromatizing substance, Vidalix has a strong drying capacity that controls the ammonia level in the farm and provides a unique scent due to its natural ingredients.

– Natural solution using local ingredients
– Multi-species applicability
– Proven solution with strong drying capacity
– Sustainable

Keep your farm safe and sound with VIDALIX and improve your farm management practices today.

Download Application Instructions for Vidalix Swine

Download Application Instructions for Vidalix Poultry